Throughout our life, we arrive at turning points where we feel ready for change. At these points, we often become aware of the increasing disparity between who we are as a person and the place where we are in our life.

I help individuals who are at a turning point find a greater satisfaction in their career path. Self-understanding is key to making good life choices. My approach is to help you do a thorough self-assessment based on your current career stage, whether you are a high school student just beginning to imagine your career path or you are further along your path and feeling the need to re-imagine your career. 

The Don’t Waste Your Talent Coaching Program

Designed to follow assessment with the Highlands Ability Battery, this intensive program integrates the Highlands publication, Don’t Waste Your Talent: The 8 Critical Steps to Discovering What You do Best, with eight contact hours of coaching to process the results of self-paced online assignments that keep you at the center for making work and life decisions. The goal of the program is to create a personal vision statement, which is your key to moving from stress to balance and then applying that to your career by developing a Career Vision.

A satisfying career should draw upon the key factors that make you the person you are. These include your natural talents, your personality, your interests, your skills and experience, your family background, your values, your goals, and your stage in life. 


  • 8 contact hours to process online, self-paced assignments you complete on your own.

  • A copy of Don’t Waste Your Talent: The 8 Critical Steps to Discovering What You do Best

  • Reflection and integration of the eight factors in Highlands’ Whole Person Model (abilities, skills, interests, personal style, family, values, goals, stage of career) through self-paced online exercises.

  • Create a holistic Personal Vision Statement.

  • Make decisions about how to express your Personal Vision in your work and in your life—your Career Vision.

  • Map out steps for bridging the outcomes of the process to your new future.

The cost for this program is $1250.