People tend to stumble into their jobs, their college majors, and their career. Some are lucky to fall into something that fits them. Many others come to question their choices, seeking change. This is the moment when many will “jump out of the frying pan into the fire,” focusing more on their need to escape than where they might land.

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A small minority will take the time to be intentional, planning their course. This involves finding time away from those who have an agenda for you and carefully considering your needs so that you can develop a meaningful and personal vision for your future.



Whether you are an adult wanting to make a career change or a student who is just beginning to explore your career path, John will provide you with the tools and guidance you need to develop a personal and career vision that will serve as a guide for your future decision making.

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Finding work that is energizing, meaningful, and a good fit for you is an essential element of leading a balanced and satisfying life. John works with adults and students from all walks of life to uncover their natural talents along with the other key factors that will set them on a path toward living life on purpose.



My goal for career coaching is to help you re[imagine] your life’s work. Finding work that fits you. The answer is inside of you, but like everyone, you need someone to help organize your process of exploration and help you be honest with yourself. Career coaching is an investment in you…your well-being…your future. And, it’s the first step to job satisfaction.